Best Way to Record iPhone Calls

CallTap is the missing call recorder on your iPhone. Super easy to understand and use. Never forget an important detail again.

Unlimited Recordings

CallTap can record both incoming calls and calls you make.

No Duration Limits

Talk and record as long as you'd like. CallTap can handle it.

Easy Access and Sharing

As soon as you hang up, your recordings are ready to be saved to cloud storage or to be shared.

Local Transcriptions

Transcribe your calls locally on device without sending the recording to a 3rd party server, making sure your privacy stays intact

Start Recording for Free!

Download CallTap on the App Store and start recording calls for free.

Many Integrations

CallTap can export recordings to many apps you already have on your iPhone. Dropbox, Google Drive, Email, Slack, Messages, you name it!

What our users say

Nico Berlin

Nico Berlin

Co-Founder of

"We use CallTap to record telephone interviews we do with our customers as part of our user research. The app was extremely easy to install and worked flawlessly. Having those recordings allows us to share the insights we gained with the entire team and gives everybody access to the primary data we collected. We will definitely keep using CallTap in the future. Thanks for this great product!"

Monique Leonhardt

Monique Leonhardt

Founder and Digital Marketing Consultant

"I used CallTap for over 30 user phone interviews and it was a super smooth experience. Very easy to use and great recording quality. Will definitely use it again!"



App Store User

"It’s exactly what you would expect and it works great. You can record any call, incoming or outgoing, to make sure you don’t lose any important conversations. It is great for my business because I can review important calls and negotiations to make sure nothing is forgotten."