Recording Calls while blocking your number

Using a call recording app with a blocked number is usually not possible because the service number needs your number to recognize who you are and associate the recording with your account. This is very critical for the security of the service and privacy of your calls. You wouldn’t want other users have access to your recordings.

On the other hand, it is quite common for people to block their numbers because of many good and valid reasons. 

That’s why the latest CallTap update comes with a feature that disables number blocking for calls to CallTap service number, and only to the service number: for all others your phone number stays safely blocked. 

To enable this feature go to settings in CallTap (the ? button top left on the main screen) and turn on the toggle labeled “Disable Caller ID Block”:

Turn on “Disable Caller ID Block” to allow CallTap see your number. This only applies to CallTap. Your number stays blocked to all others.

With this setting enabled, when you start a recording, the CallTap service number will have access to your number and ensure the privacy of your recording, while your number will stay hidden to the other party you would like to record.