The Best Call Recording Apps for iPhone 2020

Since the dawn of technology we have moved leaps and bounds in what is available to us on a daily basis. Take phones for example. They have moved from payphones which are still around, to brief case mobile phones to tiny computers that can put a filter on basically everything. 


So you no longer have to use a classic voice recorder and the speaker on your phone to record your calls. 2020 is a world filled with a plethora of apps that can assist you on a day-to-day basis. Call recording apps are now widely available in the App Store which means that journalists, business people and everyday individuals can just download an app and start recording a phone call.

All without the bulky and cumbersome tech plus the high costs that would normally be associated with trying to record a quality call.  

Call Recording Apps 101

With the abundance of call recording apps to choose from, we wanted to dive into the details of what makes a call recording app good. There are some peculiar looking apps out there that really test your trust levels and ultimately, call recording is all about being legal.


First things first, be sure to check your local laws regarding call recording. This varies greatly on a country by country basis so remember to check and double check.


Something to bear in mind is that not all call recording apps for iPhones are the same. This means the features and what they provide you with. For example you may really need to be able to share your call recordings to your Google Drive or email. With a feature like this you will need to ensure the call recording app is of a high standard. With that in mind let us see what else to consider.

What to Consider When Choosing a Call Recording App

A good place to start would be to check the reviews in the app store. This is how we generally make purchase decisions these days so check them out. Check the app store profile out and make a decision if you wish to choose that specific call recording app. Taking the time to review the details pays dividends in the end.


Pay-as-you-Go & Unlimited Options

Sometimes you just need to record a call from time to time and you are not in need of a monthly subscription. That should be an option to you. This option is hard to come by as some call recording apps only offer unlimited monthly subscriptions and if you just want to record a 30 minute call then you are out of luck. 


Be warned that there are some call recording apps that charge a weekly fee instead of monthly, there are also bold claims to be completely FREE but they are not. 

Easy to Use


“Hey, can I just hang up and call you back so that I can record the call, please?” That’s probably not going to cut it nowadays. What happens if you are interviewing someone for your upcoming report and they share something that needs to be saved for later?

Pulling up the app and starting the recording should be a breeze, be sure to check that out before choosing a call recording app. This should include both incoming and outgoing calls.

Easy to Share

We all use some sort of storage system to hold out data. Most of us it is cloud based therefore easy to access. A solid call recording app should provide super simple sharing capabilities so that you can send your call recordings to whichever app you please.

Custom Labels for Recordings


Knowing the finer details behind each call recording will make inventory management a lot easier. The last thing you need is to be 15 minutes deep into a recording only to realize that it is the wrong one. 


Being able to easily label each recording is vital, especially if you plan on being a power user with multiple recordings. Bonus points if the call recordings also automatically show the date and time of day when the recording was done. 

Safe and Secure

Trust is a huge factor when it comes to call recording apps. So be certain that the app creator has done all the correct things to ensure the app is legal for you use. In most cases the best place to start would be to check the privacy policy. 


Privacy policies are online basics and if that is missing – that could be a problem. 

The Best Call Recording Apps for iPhones 2020


Call us biased but we have spent time reviewing the market. Some of the call recording apps out there gives us the chills. They look sinister and given the nature of call recording, you want something a little more trustworthy.


CallTap is very open with pricing too. You can buy minutes packages with no recurring commitment or start a trial where the end date of the trial is clearly stated and you can easily cancel your trial from inside the app before your card gets charged. Unlike some of the other apps who appear to try and trick people into thinking the app is free and then turning it around on them.


At CallTap we are based in Germany therefore we follow strict GDPR rules. We ensure the rules and regulations are followed closely all within an easy to use app.  


Our reviews really speak for us:


Google Voice


The well known name can give some feeling of trust which is fine. But there are some issues with Google Voice as a call recording app. Call recording is limited to incoming calls only with no way of recording outgoing calls. Also your recordings are stored with your voice messages. 

Call Recorder Pro



This app has many of the same features as CallTap but it works on credits. Credits can get really expensive really quickly so avoid using any app that is like that. They also limit their call recordings to 2 hours so if your plan on recording a meeting, it’s probably going to have to stop whilst you reset the recording.

Call Recorder App


Well developed with good features and multiple language support. Be cautious of the payment structure as there are mentions of a weekly fee not monthly.