How to Record Calls on iPhone with CallTap

How to record a call on iPhone?

Recording phone calls on iPhone is impossible without an app and they are all unnecessarily complicated, mostly because of restrictions imposed by Apple. CallTap makes it as easy as possible.

If you are wondering how to record a call on iPhone using CallTap, well here’s a video that might help:

There are two easy ways to record an incoming call:

  • Using the CallTap app
  • Calling CallTap directly from your address book

Using the CallTap app

This is the safer, less error-prone way to start recording incoming calls.

  1. Answer the call
  2. Open CallTap and tap the record button at the bottom. This will put the ongoing call on hold and call the CallTap service number.
  3. Tap the ‘merge call’ button to start recording.

Directly on the call screen

This is the quickest way to start recording but requires that you have previously started at least one recording (incoming or outgoing) using the app and gave your permission to create a new contact for CallTap service numbers in your address book when the app asks you for it.

  1. Answer the call
  2. Tap the ‘add call’ button on the call screen
  3. Select the ‘CallTap’ contact and tap the service number to start calling (you might see multiple service numbers, select the number closest to you)
  4. Once CallTap is connected, tap the ‘merge call’ button to start recording.


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